Our mission

D&R Dispersions and Resins was founded to influence the quality of our daily lives with due regard to our environment. On the company’s foundations, we developed manufacturing processes that enable the production of ecological basic raw materials for final products used by millions of people every day, both in households and industrial enterprises.

From design to final product
  • Etap 1

    Our laboratory continuously developing and improving existing production recipes.
  • Etap 2

    Based on our own ecological solutions, we produce raw materials expected by our business partners.
  • Etap 3

    We deliver ready-made ALKID, IMPERAC, AKRYSOLV and AKRYVIL to our clients.
  • Etap 4

    Our partners have brought a wide range of products to the market made from our raw materials.

Wśród produktów, których produkcja rozpoczyna się w naszej firmie znajdują się m.in.: farby, kleje (do drewna, do tapet, do kartonów), lakiery, podkłady pod lakier, środki do ochrony metalu, środki do impregnacji drewna, tynki, grunty, uszczelniacze.

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