Increase of production capacity.


Introduction of polyacetate dispersions.


Increase of production capacity in alkyd resins.


Investments in company development.

5th of July 2011

We have successfully finished the implementation of the production of styrene-acrylic dispersions. Our offer has been extended to include new types of dispersions. We began work on implementing a new product brand: AKRYVIL.

January 2011

Our company has undertaken actions to implement the production of styrene-acrylic dispersions.

3rd of January 2011

Our company has opened a production plant and launched the production and sale of alkyd resins.

29th of December 2010

We are upholding the tradition of the Nobiles plant, established in 1897, being a manufacturer of various alkyd and acrylic resins for industry and general purpose. We have signed a contract for the purchase of part of the AKZO Nobel Decorative Paints Company’s assets in Włocławek – the alkyd resins branch.

26th of August 2010

The D&R Company is established to manufacture components/fillers for the paint and lacquer industry.
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